39,000 Girls want to remove their Breasts

March 17, 2021

Alix Aharon, founder of The GenderMapper shares alarming numbers explaining how many youth are wanting surgery to change their body to the opposite sex. She states that in 2021 “a total of 39,000 young women are on GoFundMe to raise the funds for surgery to remove their breasts. Many of these young women go on to regret their transition, there are 17,000 detransistioners on Redit alone.”

Ahran explains how the organizations around the world are now aware and will be standing up to ‘Gender Clinics’ to tell them to stop medicalizing young people and youth, stop marketing online independent gender clinics to young women.

Over 300 Gender Clinics in the United States, and 17 in the state of Texas alone” says GenderMapper


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