Welcome to Initially created as a personal reference for public meetings with parents to raise awareness about the danger of SOGI/Queer Marxism agenda in schools, this site has evolved into a comprehensive resource hub. This "How to Use/Navigate" page aims to help you effectively explore my site.


Accessing the Navigation Menu:

To access the navigation menu, locate and click on the menu icon. In the top left corner, this icon is represented by three horizontal lines or bars, often called the "hamburger" icon.

Once clicked, the navigation menu will expand, revealing the various categories and sections on the site. You can easily navigate to your desired pages or sections from here by clicking on the respective links.


Exploring the Books Section:

1. Book Reviews:

The "Book Reviews" section provides insightful reviews of books available in school libraries. These reviews shed light on the type of content our children are exposed to and help parents make informed decisions about their reading materials.

2. Book Locations:

In the "Book Locations" subsection, you can find information about the locations of specific books in school districts across the country. This resource empowers parents to identify and address concerning materials in their local school libraries.

3. Book Review Videos:

The "Book Review Videos" section features video reviews of select books, offering an engaging and visual way to understand the content being presented to our children. These videos provide valuable insights for parents and educators alike.


Exploring the Cases Section:

1. Teacher Misconduct Cases:

The "Teacher Misconduct Cases" menu allows visitors to filter cases by date, tag, and name. This section account for all publicly available teacher misconduct cases in Canada, containing keywords related to sexual misconduct.

2. News:

Under the "News" submenu, you can find articles and updates related to sexual abuse cases in Canada. This section is filterable by date, tag, and name, enabling visitors to easily access relevant news articles.

3. Inappropriate Material Cases:

The "Inappropriate Material Cases" menu contains instances of teachers reprimanded for showing inappropriate material to children. This section highlights incidents where educators have breached professional conduct standards.

4. Criminal Code Section:

In the "Criminal Code Section," you'll find information about laws that pertain to the agenda mentioned above. These are legal statutes that are believed to be violated by the activities associated with the SOGI/Queer Marxism agenda.


Exploring the Documents Section:

1. Important Links:

Under the "Important Links" submenu, you'll find a curated list of essential resources related to the SOGI/Queer Marxism agenda in schools. These links direct you to authoritative sources, research papers, government documents, and relevant organizations, providing information on the topic. Additionally, this section includes emails that I have sent to school districts across the country, which can serve as templates for writing emails to school board members.

2. Printable Flyers and Documents:

The "Printable Flyers and Documents" submenu offers downloadable resources that can be printed and shared with others. They include flyers, brochures, fact sheets, and other informative documents to facilitate discussions and advocacy efforts.


Exploring the Resources Section:

1. Canadian Centre for Child Protection:

The "Canadian Centre for Child Protection" submenu is a link to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) site, where you'll find valuable resources and information provided by this organization. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is dedicated to the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation, providing support to victims and their families, and advocating for policies and initiatives to protect children. Explore their resources to access educational materials, support services, and tools for parents, educators, and community members.

2. Child Sexual Abuse and Victimization by K-12 School Personnel in Canada:

The "Child Sexual Abuse and Victimization by K-12 School Personnel in Canada" submenu will link you to the C3P research findings, reports, and resources related to incidents of child sexual abuse and victimization involving school personnel. Gain insights into the prevalence, patterns, and impact of these incidents, as well as strategies for prevention and intervention.

3. Child Sexual Abuse by K-12 School Personnel in Canada:

The "Child Sexual Abuse by K-12 School Personnel in Canada" submenu will link you to the C3P report on cases and investigations of child sexual abuse perpetrated by school personnel. Learn about legal proceedings, case studies, and policy implications, as well as advocacy efforts to address systemic issues and ensure child safety in educational settings.

4. Child Sexual Abuse: Online Grooming:

The "Child Sexual Abuse: Online Grooming" submenu will link you to the C3P resources and guidance on recognizing and preventing online grooming, a tactic used by predators to manipulate and exploit children.


Exploring the Tools Section:  

1. Search Links:

Under the "Search Links" submenu, you'll find links to access public teacher misconduct databases and school books library databases. These resources will help parents and concerned individuals conduct research and gather information regarding teacher misconduct cases and the content available in school libraries.

2. Templates:

The "Templates" submenu contains templates that parents can utilize to email teachers, principals, trustees, and other relevant authorities. These templates provide a structured format for communicating concerns, requesting information, or bringing awareness to board members about the sexually explicit materials available in school libraries. Feel free to customize these templates to address specific situations and ensure your message is effectively conveyed.


About Section:

1. Pierre Barns:

Under the "Pierre Barns" submenu, you'll find links to podcasts, videos, interviews, and rallies that I have attended. These resources provide insights into my perspectives and involvement in raising awareness about the dangers of the SOGI/Queer Marxism agenda in schools. Explore these materials to gain a deeper understanding of this evil agenda. 


Site Articles:

In this section, you'll find articles written by myself and other writers regarding the SOGI/Queer Marxism agenda.


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This site is continuously expanding as research is ongoing.